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Mykytyn Family Testimonial 


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It’s hard to put into words what this whole experience has meant to us and how grateful we are that we now have the opportunity to experience such active fun together as a family.  Nick and Kirt are still committed to running the Marine Corps Marathon next year and even this year have run further than ever before.  We’ve been able to enjoy some bike rides too before the weather turned. 

Barb Mykytyn – Mom


Nick was able to put into words some of what it means to him to have this chair.  This chair is changing my life a lot, like a whole lot for the better. Without this chair, I wouldn't feel so comfortable. This chair is fitted to me. I am more outgoing because it makes me feel happy. I like to be able to bike, run, and can now have fun for the rest of my life! The fact that we did get this new running chair makes me feel so special and so humble. ~ Nick Mykytyn

Kirt & I are finding that this chair has opened up so much hope and true joy for our family.  Instead of Nick sitting back and cheering one of us on at a 5K race we can now participate together.  He has always been the biggest sports enthusiast but didn’t have a way that he could participate.  Now with this chair from Adaptive Star, we finally had the opportunity to run together in our local favorite race, the Pit Run, for the first time this year.  After the race, Nick shared that it made him feel alive.  He finally feels like he is in his element!  This chair has given us purpose.  It’s motivating us to achieve better health so that we can continue to be active as a family.  We are meeting so many people that are also interested in running with athlete riders and are excited to run with Nick as well.  People now see us out running and start to believe that they can do it too.  After Kirt and Nick finished the Deer Run, a runner came up to me and told me that seeing them run together inspired her to dig even deeper and want to run even harder.  It’s not only amazing what this chair has done for us but it is creating a vision for others to reach their potential too.  We have been so blessed to receive this incredible gift.  It is changing our lives and we hope that by people seeing what we can do, they will find that they can do it too.