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How to Adjust the Axiom 5-Point Harness

The harness is easily adjustable. Start by disconnecting both of the side release buckles. Pull the pelvic unit forward, have your passenger sit in the seat and adjust the height of the upper harness to the proper height over the shoulder. Reattach the Velcro, adjust the pelvic harness back to the comfort of the passenger,…

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How to Assemble the Axiom Endeavour Push Chair

Start by setting the wheels aside and unfolding the frame. Push it down until you hear it latch in place. Install the secondary lock quick release pin, readjust the fabric. Find the front wheel and install it into the fork tips. Cam the quick release over, snap the safety restraint snap into place. Install the…

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How to fold the Axiom Endeavour Push Chair

Start by leaning the chair back onto the push handle. Twist the lever and remove the front wheel, setting it aside. Lift the rear wheel off the ground, push the center button, remove the rear wheel. Repeat on the other side, ease the chair back down. Pull out the quick release pin, adjust the fabric…

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How to build an Axiom Racer Conversion

Assembling your axiom racer conversion. You will need a 5/32 Allen wrench, a 9/16 and wrench and a 10 millimeter end wrench. Optionally you can use an impact driver. Included in the box are two side assemblies, one seat assembly, one seat back assembly, all of the fasteners in packaging and out of packaging, two…

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