Whether you’re a parent, caretaker, or a person with a disability, there comes a point when you transition from child-sized mobility products into adult-sized mobility products.

Moving into adult adaptive mobility products can seem like an overwhelming task and financial commitment.


We have found the emotional benefits will often outweigh the struggle.

Our line of Axiom Mobility Push Chairs are a great start!

We have four models of Axiom Push Chairs:

Axiom Endeavor

Endeavor comes in three sizes. This model has features similar to the Improv, but with more growth, positioning, and comfort opportunity. Endeavor is usable in all kinds of terrain. We consider it top-of-the-line in our Axiom push chair series.

Axiom Improv

Improv comes in two sizes. There are more adjustable features than the Phoenix, including an adjustable push handle. We generally recommend this model if an individual has fewer mobility challenges, or is able to get in and out of their push chair with assistance.

Axiom Lassen

Lassen comes in three sizes. The Lassen model is unique from the Phoenix, Improv, and Endeavor because it features a four-wheel design instead of three. This makes it ideal for more urban use. We often recommend it for the elderly, ambulatory walks, and appointment usage. 

Axiom Phoenix

Phoenix comes in one size only. It features a more simplistic design, but can handle a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains. Phoenix is a very economical choice with fewer moving parts.

What is adult adaptive mobility?

“Adaptive Mobility” defines a wide range of products focused on helping people with disabilities move. Adaptive Star’s mobility products serve clients with a variety of needs, including individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, limited mobility, and the differently abled. Our push chairs are used in many settings:

  • Indoor - going to stores and appointments
  • Outdoor - going to parks, trails, beaches, or for a run. 

At Adaptive Star, our focus is on adult adaptive mobility products. The main products we sell are adult-sized push chairs.

Moving into adult adaptive mobility can be confusing if you’re working with insurance or a supply company. Disability push chairs are often referred to as strollers or joggers. However, because this language is more common to products for children, it can cause insurance to refuse payment. 

  • DON’T use language like “disability strollers,” “special needs strollers,” “adult running strollers,” or “adult joggers” when working with insurance. 
  • DO use language like “adult mobility push chair.” 
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About Axiom Push Chairs

Because we manufacture all of our chairs in the US, we can make modifications to any of our standard chairs. Axiom Push Chairs are our most standard line of products with 1-3 base sizes. 

The majority of our push chairs have a three-wheeled design with a stationary front wheel. However, you can purchase accessory items like our dual front swivel wheel axis kit. The kit will convert the front wheel into 2 swivel wheels for use on smooth surfaces.

We also offer a variety of comfort, positioning aids, padding, and canopy options for our push chairs. You can select additional features from the list on the product page when you order.

If you need a more customized size, please see our Axiom Race Chairs (they’re not just for athletes).

Financing, Insurance, & Fundraising

At Adaptive Star, we understand that financing can be one of the biggest obstacles for our customers. We’re here to assist you and make recommendations - even refer you to other companies, if that’s what you need. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help!



Unless you need customization, we are generally able to give you a same-day quote on our push chairs. Standard chair financing can be managed through Affirm on our website. Affirm can help you set up recurring payments at a lower interest rate.



Adaptive Star is NOT able to bill insurance directly. If a customer needs insurance, we usually recommend they go through a Durable Medical Equipment Company.


You should know:

Insurance will not cover any push chairs if they are labeled as “Stroller” or “Disability Stroller!” Be sure to refer to the chair by the correct name, (i.e. Axiom Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Push Chair). 


We’ve seen this cause a lot of needless difficulties for customers. Whatever you would print off to show to your insurance company needs to NOT have the word “stroller” on it. Avoid using the term “stroller” with your insurance, as they will likely not cover the product.



Adaptive Star is happy to give you fundraising recommendations. We can assist with setting up platforms like CrowdRise, GoFundMe, and others. We also can also help you make a fundraising sheet with a product description on it to spread the word to family and friends. 


Again, we are here to help you. Please, do not be afraid to ask!

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Why Adaptive Star?


You are You

At Adaptive Star, we don’t believe that your life is defined by a diagnosis.
The adaptive mobility industry is one founded on compassion and relationships. We believe our customers are unique and exceptional. 

Quality on Time

Adaptive Star is a for-profit, U.S. based manufacturer. To continue serving our customers sustainably, we have maintained strong relationships with our suppliers and vendors. Because of this, our prices have largely avoided inflation and delay, despite recent world events.

We are committed to your safety and quality of life. Let us help you exceed your mobility expectations!