Axiom Endeavour Push Chair

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The Adaptive Star ENDEAVOUR provides families and caregivers the opportunity to enjoy life with a new perspective of adventure. The Axiom ENDEAVOUR is perfect for neighborhood walks, 5 mile runs, mountain trails, beaches, family barbecues or theme parks.

The Axiom ENDEAVOUR does it all while providing positioning and comfort for the passenger and has 2 individual adjustable footwells for passenger growth.

This chair has a fixed front wheel to allow it to be used on all types of terrain. If you would like a swiveling front wheel option with your chair you can order the swivel wheel axis kit to change the fixed front wheel out with the dual front wheel axis kit to be used for walks on paved surfaces or indoors.

At Adaptive Star we don’t believe in limits, don’t let your equipment keep you from your adventures and time together.

The Axiom ENDEAVOUR is available in 3 sizes, 2 colors, has a weight capacity up to 250 pounds.

At Adaptive Star we believe in Going Out & Making A Difference we hope you will join us on our journey.

Axiom Endeavour: Download instruction and care manual.
Anti-Tippers: Download instruction manual.

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