Tammy’s Amazing Race

July 12, 2009

To the Crew at Adaptive Star,

We wanted to thank you for all you are doing for Tammy and to let you know just how much this means to all of us. I wish you could have been here for The Main Street Mile. Tammy had the time of her life being pushed by Adam and being in the loaner chair! It meant more than you can possibly know. This was the fastest mile Tammy has ever run and she was the fastest woman of any of the heats at the race, thanks to Adam and your chair! I am going to add a few pictures for you to have too.

Wayne pushed Tammy in another race last night in Iowa that had almost 2,000 people in it, plus we have one next weekend too. I’m sure this chair will be getting quite a workout! While at the race last night Wayne spoke to a man pushing another wheelchair and he is very interested about the new chair. I gave him our email address so we may be hearing from him soon. Wayne wanted me to tell you that he was going back and forth with the man in the other chair for the first 2 miles but by the last 2, with the help of this loaner chair, he beat them to the finish line!

We are all very excited about this new chair, and very grateful! I just wish I had the words to convey how very much this means to all of us!! Thanks again.

Wayne, Bonnie and Tammy

Tammy & Dad after a big race. Tammy came in second, yahoooooooo go Tammy! ( And dad too of course)