Boston Marathon Teams

April 15, 2022

This Monday is the Boston Marathon and we have some amazing teams participating. Max Fink and Michael Sayih from Special Compass will be running in support of the Corey C. Griffin Foundation. We have Team Cormac Evans running with Sean McQuaid for Team Hoyt San Diego, Team BG and Team Tootsie Roll running for The Kyle Pease Foundation, and Team Hannah running with Emmanuel Gomes for Ainsley’s Angels of America. Let us cheer them on as they continue to spread inclusion and let us congratulate them for qualifying, what a big accomplishment! Adaptive star cannot wait to see all the photos of each team.

Lets Go!!! Awesome job Max Fink & Michael Sayih for qualifying in the Boston Marathon! Also thank you for running in support of the Corey C. Griffin Foundation, they are an amazing foundation, what an amazing cause.
Way to go Team Cormac on qualifying for the Boston Marathon! Team Hoyt San Diego
Awesome Job Team Hannah! It is a big accomplishment on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You guys are the true embodiment of TOGETHER WE SHALL!
Ainsley’s Angels of America
Team Tootsie Roll, just like your favorite song we at Adaptive Star can not wait to see you Tootsie Roll across that finish line!! Congrats on qualifying. The Kyle Pease Foundation
You got this Team BG! Together you two qualify for the Boston Marathon. and we cannot be more excited for you. Can’t wait to see the pictures when you cross the finish line. The Kyle Pease Foundation