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Cerebral Palsy Funding

We have never had government funding for Cerebral Palsy research.. until now! Can you believe it? The most common mobility condition in the world never had any research funding. Well, that was yesterday and today is today! We are over the moon thrilled at this new chapter. High hopes for research and medical assistance- it’s…

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How to Fix Your Axiom Lassen Latch

In these situations we suspect what has taken place is the pivot bolt has come loose. And what that causes is the spring to pull this away from the latch. So you’ll want to tighten this pivot bolt up to pull the latch back into place. There’s a fine line here; if you get it…

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Push Chairs – How to Fix Tracking issues

If your pushchair is pulling to the left or right while using the fix front wheel, check to see if it is one of the following: If these tips / tricks do not resolve the tracking issue you are having with your chair, please call our customer service department and we will assist you further….

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