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These are the stories of courageous people who refuse to accept a limited life. These are the stories of lives changed by disabilities that have turned into opportunities. At Adaptive Star, our goal is never to tell anyone "no" or "you can't do that". At the core of our being, we believe that no one should tell themselves this either. We believe in the power of each of our family members and athletes. They're refusing to be defined by a diagnosis and repainting the canvas of their lives.

How to Tri: Ainsley’s Angels

Ainsley’s Angels presents: How to Tri.

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#RunLikeAngels with myTEAM TRIUMPH

myTEAM TRIUMPH is a non-profit organization that promotes inclusion by working with differently-abled athletes. Their #RunLikeAngels campaign focuses on highlighting their captain’s experiences.

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Special Compass Miami Triathlon

Special Compass is a Florida-based group that promotes inclusion by working with differently abled athletes participating in the Miami Triathlon. The highlight video below shows the joy experienced by participants and viewers of the 2018 Special Compass Miami Triathlon.

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Eric Loves the Axiom Jogger

Our 16 year old son Eric has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. We are a very active family and Eric has always enjoyed being part of our outdoor activities. As he has gotten older and has grown in size it has been more difficult to find a jogger that is built strong enough to handle his…

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No One Left Behind

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Adaptive Star…. I am late with letting you know that the foot wells came, but I wanted to send a picture. We ran the Turkey Trot here in Fredericksburg as a family today, thanks to the jogging stroller. No one had to stay behind… Major thankfulness for that!!…

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Tammy’s Amazing Race

To the Crew at Adaptive Star, We wanted to thank you for all you are doing for Tammy and to let you know just how much this means to all of us. I wish you could have been here for The Main Street Mile. Tammy had the time of her life being pushed by Adam…

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A Stroller Perfect for Ellie Kate

To our Adaptive Star Family, We are so thankful for you and for our new stroller! Our Adaptive Star experience has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We are so happy with our product and we are telling everyone we know about it! It took us a while to find what we needed for…

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Adaptive Star Meets Rylee’s needs

To Greg & Teri Durrin and our adopted family at Adaptive Star- We cannot thank you enough for stopping to listen and care about our family. After three years of aggravation, lugging around heavy and awkward mobility equipment we finally have a product that lets us be a family! We had a daunting list of…

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