How to Adjust the Axiom 5-Point Harness

December 22, 2021

The harness is easily adjustable. Start by disconnecting both of the side release buckles. Pull the pelvic unit forward, have your passenger sit in the seat and adjust the height of the upper harness to the proper height over the shoulder. Reattach the Velcro, adjust the pelvic harness back to the comfort of the passenger, wrap the waist and shoulder belt around the passenger and reconnect the buckles.

Flip this release upward, then draw the webbing down and what will happen is it will pull tension on the shoulder and adjust to the point that holds your passenger the best. Once you’ve gotten there, cam this back across to lock the webbing into place and now you won’t have to adjust it again. Just release the buckles, allow your passenger to sit in the chair, and it should be adjusted correctly every time.