Meeting Executive Director of Outdoors for All | Ed Bronsdon

February 7, 2023

While visiting the downhill ski event with my son Rhys Aleman from Yakima, WA, we had the pleasure of meeting Ed, who joined his crew at Friday evenings session in Snoqualmie, WA at Snoqualmie Pass.

Ed was connecting with staff and volunteers, as well as searching for his replacement before he retires this year on June 2023.

Although he was busy, Ed took the time to sit and talk with me for a while. During our conversation it became very obvious that not only does he love his job, he is also very passionate about making a difference in the disabled community. We discussed at length the steps we needed to take to get the wheels in motion to bring more outdoor recreational activities to our local kids and loved ones. Before we parted ways, he shared the contact information for their program coordinator with me, once I had that I was off and running to learn more of what this program has to offer. As the parent of a disabled athlete, I was inspired by Ed, I am grateful for his encouragement and willingness to step up and provide me the tools I needed to make things happen. Their mission is enriching the lives of children and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreation, and they are doing an amazing job so far.

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